Traveler Camper Camping Trip Pop Up Greeting Cards

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Occasion:Birthday, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day
Design: The Outdoor Camping Pop-Up Card features a captivating design that showcases a detailed and picturesque camping scene. The card pops up to reveal a charming tent, a crackling campfire, and lush wilderness in the background. The intricate paper-cutting and vibrant colors add depth and realism to the card, making it visually stunning and engaging.
Packaging: The card comes with an envelope, ensuring that it can be presented as a gift or mailed to the recipient with ease.
The envelope is designed to complement the theme of the card, featuring outdoor elements like trees, mountains, or stars. The packaging is sturdy and protective, ensuring that the card arrives in perfect condition.
For: The Outdoor Camping Pop-Up Card is specifically designed for outdoor enthusiasts and camping lovers. It is an ideal choice for various occasions such as birthdays, graduations, or holidays like Father’s Day or Mother’s Day. It can also be given as a thank-you gift or as a way to inspire someone to embark on a camping adventure. This card is best suited for outdoor-themed celebrations or for those who appreciate the beauty and serenity of nature.
Size:Outdoor Campingpop-up card is 15cm(w) * 20cm(h) (folded)
Quantity:Each package consists of 1 Pop up card+ 1 Envelope+ 1 Note Card for a complete gifting experience.
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