Playful Pop-Up Balloons And Flower Cards


Occasion:Birthday, just because, Party New Year Teacher’s Day Mother’s Day etc
A delightful collection of birthday cards designed specifically for children.
These cards feature adorable pop-up balloons in a variety of vibrant colors.
When opened, the cards surprise kids with whimsically popping balloons, creating a joyful and exciting experience.
Each card showcases a range of colorful balloons, from bright reds and oranges to dazzling blues and greens, as well as soft pinks and purples.
The balloons are adorned with cute expressions and patterns, adding an extra touch of charm to the cards.
These cards will undoubtedly be a highlight of any child’s birthday celebration, bringing them not only wishes and blessings but also a sense of joy and wonder.
Whether given to family members, friends, or classmates, these charming cards will create cherished memories for both the sender and the recipient.
Size:The Balloons And Flower pop-up card is 15 cm wide by 20cm tall (folded)
Quantity:Each package consists of 1 pop-up card, 1 envelopefor a complete gifting experience.



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