Cool and Creative Handmade Football Game Greeting Pop Up Soccer Card


Occasion:Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Father’s Day, anniversary, etc
Design: The Soccer 3D Pop-Up Card showcases a dynamic and intricate design that captures the essence of football. When opened, the card reveals a three-dimensional representation of a soccer field with players in action. The details are meticulously crafted, from the players’ positions to the goalposts, adding depth and realism to the design.

Packaging: The card is accompanied by an envelope, ensuring its safekeeping and making it easy to gift or mail. The envelope may feature soccer-themed motifs or colors, further enhancing the overall presentation. The packaging is durable and protective, guaranteeing that the card arrives in pristine condition.

Occasion: The Soccer 3D Pop-Up Card is suitable for various occasions related to soccer, such as birthdays, sports events, or congratulatory moments for soccer enthusiasts. It can be a heartfelt gift for players, coaches, or soccer fans of all ages. This card can also be used to celebrate team achievements, championships, or as a token of appreciation for soccer-related accomplishments.
Size:Soccor Football pop-up card is 15cm(w) * 13cm(h) (folded)
Quantity:Each package consists of 1 Pop up card+ 1 Envelope for a complete gifting experience.

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