2023 New Birthday Aegean Cake Pop Up Card Cake Funny Gift

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Occasion:Birthday Party.Wedding Supplies
Indulge in the captivating design and gift-giving delight of our delightful 2023 New Birthday Cake Pop Up Card.
This stunning card showcases an intricately crafted pop-up birthday cake that springs to life, revealing its intricate details and vibrant colors.
The exquisite design and meticulous laser-cut paper create a sense of elegance and sophistication. It is more than just a card;
it is a cherished gift that brings joy and excitement to any birthday celebration. With its mesmerizing design and thoughtful wishes,
this card is sure to leave a lasting impression and create cherished memories for the recipient.
Size: Birthday pop-up card is 15.5cm(w) * 13cm(h) (folded)
Quantity:Each package consists of 1 Pop up card+ 1 Envelope for a complete gifting experience.

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Red, Blue, Gold

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  • HANDMADE INTRICATE DESIGN – This lovely elegant 5″ x 7″ Popup card features a beautiful unique 3D design, resembling a Beautiful Wisteria Tree. Can be kept as a Keepsake.
  • SURPRISE YOUR LOVED ONE – The card is flat when folded, the recipient will be surprised as they open the card and the stunning sculpture pops up, creating a special heartwarming moment.
  • ELEGANT COVER AND ENVELOPE – The cover is Metallic paper and features a delicate floral design that hints what’s inside of the card. The envelope is Classic & luxurious and is Seal-able for easy mailing.
  • PERSONALIZE EASILY – The Card has a removable message tag to write your warm wishes, messages, and notes.
  • MULTI-OCCASIONAL USE – There are no written words on the card, use it for any occasion like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or a loved one’s birthday, Anniversary, Wedding or Graduation, or just because…


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